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Renewal by Andersen® Window Replacement & Patio Door Installation in Coronado, CA

In the coastal charm of Coronado, homeowners prioritize both aesthetics and durability. Renewal by Andersen is proud to serve the Coronado community, offering professional window replacement and patio door installation services that align with the unique seaside elegance and architectural beauty of the area.

Our Products

Renewal by Andersen® Signature Service

Superior product.

Our windows are crafted with a revolutionary composite material, ensuring they withstand the salty sea air of Coronado. Experience the combination of large, energy-efficient glass panes and sleek frames, perfect for capturing the Pacific Ocean views.

Hassle free process.

Engage with our experienced professionals who will guide you through the entire window and door replacement process. Benefit from our industry-leading approach, ensuring a smooth and transparent experience.

Unrivaled beauty.

Design your custom window or patio door with the guidance of Renewal by Andersen designers. Explore our diverse window and door styles, enriched by numerous customization options to complement your Coronado home.

Long term value.

Engineered to withstand Coronado’s coastal climate, our windows and doors retain their appearance and functionality for years. Enjoy our extensive warranty coverage, which includes glass, Fibrex® material, and labor.

4-Step Process

Design Consultation

The first step is a free design consultation with professional window designers. During this consultation, you’ll hear firsthand how our full-service process works and how it can best benefit your family. You’ll also get to design your own custom windows that complement and function seamlessly in your home.

Project Planning

After the consultation, our skilled project managers ensure accuracy through detailed measurements. Our craftsmen then create windows tailored to your preferences, undergoing rigorous quality checks before dispatch.


Entrust our Renewal by Andersen Certified Master Installers to prioritize the protection of your home during the installation process. Our team follows a tried-and-true method, ensuring consistent and efficient installations.

Customer Care

Our dedication extends beyond installation. Reach out to our expert customer care team for assistance throughout the installation process and beyond. Whether you need maintenance tips, warranty details, or insights about your window and door replacement, we’re here to help.

About Coronado, California

For Coronado’s active and outdoors-loving residents, Renewal by Andersen provides sliding doors and expansive window designs that maximize views and bring the breathtaking beachfront and bay vistas indoors. Whether it’s a panoramic view from a beachfront property or a quaint window set looking out over lush gardens, our design options can enhance both the view and the value of your home.

Our windows and doors come with advanced glass technology that protects against UV rays and helps regulate indoor temperatures, making homes comfortable year-round, which is essential with Coronado’s 280 days of sun. This technology not only ensures a cooler interior during sunny days but also reduces fading and damage to interiors caused by sunlight exposure. Our high-quality products are designed to improve energy efficiency and durability in a coastal environment where salt air and moisture are prevalent.

With Renewal by Andersen, Coronado residents receive a personalized, start-to-finish service that respects their time and their home. This commitment to excellence makes Renewal by Andersen a trusted partner for enhancing living spaces in Coronado.


Coronado Replacement Windows

Coronado residents trust Renewal by Andersen for comprehensive window installations. Enhance your home with custom replacement windows that seamlessly blend with your existing aesthetics. Choose from our extensive range of seven window styles, further customizable with various colors, hardware choices, and grille patterns. Begin your home transformation by scheduling a free design consultation.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward. For Coronado’s temperate climate, these windows are a perfect fit, allowing residents to savor the ocean breeze, even during unexpected rain showers. These custom windows ensure ventilation without the inconvenience of rain entering the home.

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay & bow windows are a combination of three or more windows at varying angles that protrude from the home. These custom windows are ideal for capturing breathtaking ocean views and flooding Coronado homes with natural sunlight. Additionally, their unique design adds extra home space, which can be utilized for seating or storage.

Casement Windows

Casement windows swing out to the side, offering clear vistas of Coronado’s beaches and the Pacific Ocean. The simple operation mechanism, combined with optimal ventilation, makes them a favorite. Moreover, when closed, they provide an excellent seal, ensuring energy efficiency.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows slide horizontally, offering a compact and modern design. These custom windows ensure that residents can fully appreciate the mesmerizing ocean views that Coronado offers. The resistance-free glide mechanism ensures smooth operation, making them perfect for rooms with limited space.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows have two operable sashes that move vertically. These are particularly popular among Coronado homes, offering versatile ventilation options and allowing airflow from both the top and bottom. The design also facilitates easy cleaning from inside the home.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are large, fixed windows that provide uninterrupted views of Coronado’s beaches and iconic landmarks. The fixed nature ensures maximum insulation, making them a top choice for energy efficiency.

Specialty Windows

Specialty windows cater to homes with distinct architectural designs in Coronado. These custom-shaped windows are tailored to various shapes and sizes, ensuring every unique window space is utilized, adding a touch of individuality to homes.

Renewal by Andersen
Patio Doors in Coronado, CA

Revitalize your home with Renewal by Andersen patio doors. Our streamlined installation process ensures efficiency and a hassle-free experience from design to installation. Choose from a collection of standard patio doors, including hinged and sliding options, and further customize them to complement your home’s modern or traditional style. Explore our galleries for design inspiration or contact our professional designers today.

Sliding Glass Patio Door

Contemporary sliding patio doors with their sleek design and expansive glass panes offer expansive views and a minimalist design. These custom doors ensure a seamless indoor-outdoor transition, perfect for enjoying Coronado’s beautiful weather.

French Sliding Patio Door

French sliding patio doors combine the elegance of French doors with the convenience of sliding mechanisms. These doors resonate with the coastal charm of Coronado homes, allowing homeowners to enjoy style without compromising on space.

French Hinged Patio Door

French hinged patio doors are traditional French doors that swing open. These glass doors add a touch of timeless elegance to homes, creating a grand entrance to outdoor spaces and allowing for maximum ventilation when fully opened.

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Proudly Serving Coronado, CA, and the Surrounding Areas Near San Diego

Coronado homeowners trust Renewal by Andersen for professional window replacement and patio door installation services. Our team, familiar with the coastal nuances, ensures every installation is tailored to the unique requirements of seaside homes. Start your home transformation journey in Coronado by scheduling your complimentary design consultation today!

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Renewal by Andersen Signature Fibrex® Material

Our Fibrex® material, made up of 40% recycled wood, offers superior strength compared to traditional vinyl windows, ensuring unmatched durability.
The robust nature of Fibrex® material allows for slimmer window frames, accommodating larger glass panes for enhanced views of Coronado’s beaches.
Enjoy the low-maintenance features of Fibrex® material, eliminating the need for painting and offering resistance against corrosion and rot in the coastal climate.
Our windows have been rigorously tested over the years, proving their enduring durability even under the intense Californian sun.
Available in various colors and finishes, Fibrex® material offers the rich appearance of wood combined with the versatility of modern materials, enhancing the visual appeal of your Coronado home.

Get in Touch with Us

Call Renewal by Andersen in San Diego to schedule your in-home consultation today. Our professionals are committed to simplifying every step of the process, so you can enjoy your new home improvement sooner than you think. Contact us to learn more about our hassle-free, 4-step process.

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